Tequila Bar's first full-scale Nishi-Ogikubo Tokyo, Frida.

Nishi-Ogikubo station of the Chuou line.
Just a short walk out of the north entrance, there is a FRIDA.
Master has a friendly tequila sommelier qualifications
With 70 kinds of tequila, we have waiting for you.
It advocated FRIDA is a taste of the tequila and spacious.
Also boasts "JPN-MEX" Tex-Mex cuisine of our original.
Please feel free to visit us.

Topics & Infomation
2012.05.23 Scheduled 5/27(Sun)

5/27 can not visit us shop for charter.
I'm sorry.

2012.05.23 Schedule 5/26(Sat)
5/26 will be held live on the premises until 23:00.
Since the 23 will return to normal business.

2012.05.10  5/20(Sun) is a solar eclipse eve!!

5/21 is the day of the annular solar eclipse! In Tokyo is the first time in 173 years!?
Will be held on the "eclipse last Sun night" to celebrate this special day in FRIDA.
A special price will be available in two special tequila!
To enjoy it will announce details at Merumaga and FB and Twitter in a few days!

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